How to disinfect your homes, workplaces, cars, boats or any other items properly on Long Island, New York?

We are currently living in an unprecedented time where viruses and bacteria is literally killing us and our businesses. And we get a false sense of security thinking a spray and wipe with a disinfectant or a disinfectant wipe is effective at killing germs/bacteria/viruses. I’m sorry to tell you it’s not factual. Most disinfectants need 10 minutes of wet/dwell times to actually get the kill claims they say so when you spray and wipe or use a disinfectant wipe on that surface not only is that surface/object not wet for 10 minutes but you are also missing a lot of the areas which leads to cross-contamination as well as then using the same cloth or towel that is most likely infected with germs/bacteria/viruses because it’s in contact with them causing more cross-contamination of other surfaces throughout your home or business as it comes in contact with the germs/bacteria/viruses you thought you were killing. Then besides these issues there is the issues of harmful toxic disinfectants we are using. What good is it if you haven’t properly disinfected your surfaces/objects as you thought but also are using toxic chemicals that can damage your surfaces and leave behind harmful residues that are bad for your health? Its not good or effective so get a professional like Steam Squad Carpet Cleaners on Long Island, New York who have the experience, knowledge and equipment to do the proper job with our method and process of professional electrostatic disinfection equipment paired with EPA registered hospital grade broad spectrum disinfectants that are recommended by the CDC and are safer than using vinegar and require no PPE (personal protective equipment) while being sprayed. Get smart and efficient people with our service. If you got germs, got bacteria or got virus then you need to get Steam Squad

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