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Had all the rooms and hallway carpet steam cleaned today. Service was great, appointment was on time, and great communication! The quality and price were...
J K.
J K.
Very rude and unprofessional customer service. I tried to get a quote and they gave me a flat rate regardless of the size and when I tried to state my...
Rylan W.
Rylan W.
I have had Steam Squad Cleaners to my home more than once. I have had my couches, carpets and carpeted steps cleaned. When finished, they looked as if they...
Donna T.
Donna T.
Brett is reliable and professional . He goes above and beyond all expectations each and every time. We use him not only for our dental office but our home...
Laura H.
Laura H.
Brett did a fantastic job. Here is my story. I had mouse droppings on my couch. I know gross. I got the mouse but needed the sofa cleaned or throw out....
Brian J.
Brian J.
Thank you for cleaning the upholstery in my 07 Toyota Camry it’s made all the difference having to commute such a long distance in. I will definitely use your services again when I am ready to tackle my other vehicle.
Raymond Fuller
Raymond Fuller
Brett does a great job with our carpets and rugs, he uses organic materials. He has gotten stains out of very light colored carpets,
Jonathan B.
Jonathan B.
The best!
Noelle Hanrahan
Noelle Hanrahan
I was extremely happy with Brett and Steam Squad. It's a pleasure to deal with competent service people. And very happy with the results. Would not...
Stephanie S.
Stephanie S.
I used steam squad to clean my linen sofa the s past weekend, they did an incredible job. Brett is a true professional, he performed a fantastic job, I...
Philip W.
Philip W.
Brett came to clean our carpet today. He was easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, and helpful. He takes his job very seriously. Our carpet looks great! He also gave us tips to help keep it in good shape longer. I usually don't write reviews but taking the time to give him 5 stars is worth it. It's hard to come by quality people who are sincerely invested in the work they do. We plan to hire him again when our carpets/upholstery needs to be cleaned. If you are looking for someone to clean your carpets or upholstery I highly recommend him. He is also licensed and insured. Look no further!
We have used the services of Steam Squad twice so far. We will not hesitate to call them again and will recommend them highly to anyone looking for an honest, impeccable carpet cleaner. Brett arrived on time, did a thorough job of cleaning, and was very respectful of our pets. You will be very happy with Steam Squad!
Good communication from the start, quality work and reasonable prices. Would use Brett again in the future for carpet steam cleaning and would not hesitate...
Constantine H.
Constantine H.
Brett came yesterday to clean 3 rooms of tile floors. He did an excellent job. Tiles look brand new. I would highly recommend this company.
Jeanne King
Jeanne King
Just had the most unbelievable experience with Steam Squad. The level of professionalism is unparalleled and such a breath of "fresh air" in this day and age of untrustworthy service providers. I highly recommend using this company for any carpet or tile cleaning you may have. Contact them today!
Ben Turchin
Ben Turchin
They came and did a Powerwash of my kitchen tile. And it's a big kitchen. It was so convenient. I texted a photo and ballparked the square footage and...
Kenneth S.
Kenneth S.
Brett came to our apartment and was extremely professional and respectful. He was on time and came with a great price. He was able to get stains out of my couch that nobody else could. If he couldn’t remove the stain I would have had to replace a very expensive couch. I strongly recommend Steam Squad and I know I will for sure be using them again.
David Liliana
David Liliana

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Offering high quality Tile & Grout cleaning services at affordable prices

Over time, dirt and spills, oils, and dust can accumulate within the tile and grout lines; especially if your tile is comprised of porous stone. Discoloration can settle in causing regular mopping and sweeping to become ineffective.


Many times, home and business owners will call us after their cleaning efforts no longer do the trick. Over-the-counter cleaning agents sold at the big-box stores may be inexpensive, but simply do not work.


In order to properly clean your tile & grout, you need to follow a specific process that certified professionals use. Through a combination of experience, the proper equipment, tools, and cleaning detergents, your tile, and grout can be restored, but it may be wise to trust a professional to assist in your cleaning efforts.

Steam Squad is a full-service cleaning company that can handle all of your tile & grout needs. We cover the Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island and can restore your tile & grout; leaving it looking refreshed and renewed.


Could it be time to have your tile & grout cleaned? Give our office a call! We have a friendly staff that can help answer any questions, and schedule a time for one of our estimators to develop a cleaning plan specific to your unique situation.


Improves aesthetics

Most of our clients will reach out when they want a cleaner look in their home or business. Over time, tile and grout can accumulate dust, grime, and dirt, which can create a dull and dirty look.

Professional cleaning services, however, can quickly restore your tile and grout to its original color. This can brighten the room, create a cleaner environment, and help your tile look virtually brand new.

Protects your Investment

Flooring can be expensive. Professionally cleaning your tile and grout every 12-18 months can help maintain your investment. Your floors will look cleaner, and they will last a longer period of time then if you did not keep them clean.

Improves cleanliness of the home

Mildew, bacteria and sometimes mold can settle within a porous tile or in the grout lines. Mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming simply cannot address these issues once they settle into the tile.
Using rotary cleaning equipment with a steam component allows the proper agitation to break apart the molecular structure of the dirt, grime, mildew, or mold. Using only natural, non-soap detergents provide a deep clean for your tile and grout, without the need for exposing the occupants of your home or business to harsh chemicals.


Grout Sealing

At Steam Squad, we take the tile and grout cleaning process one step further by sealing the grout after each cleaning. This helps protect your grout lines and assists in maintaining its color. Other benefits include.

Prevents long-term stains

The sealer serves as a barrier between your tile and spills or grime from the interior environment. Where the grout would typically absorb the particulates or spills, the barrier protects the grout from further damage. This way, mopping or sweeping can become much more effective.

Prevents mold growth

Where there is moisture, mold spores could form. Proper application of a grout sealant could prevent mold from forming within the grout lines.
If the situation becomes truly serious, mold and mildew can spread under the tile, causing hazardous conditions to the air quality of the interior. That is why at Steam Squad, we include grout sealant
as a standard in our service.

Protects grout from erosion

Over time, grout can erode, causing cracks or damage to the tile. The erosion occurs from the accumulation of moisture, to which the grout sealant protects.
During our experience, we at Steam Squad have seen many grout erosion cases, and once it reaches a certain point, it is very tough to fix. Grout sealant, however, can maintain the integrity of the grout for a longer period of time.


Color Sealant

Clients will choose to apply a color sealant at an additional cost when their existing grout has become old or discolored. The color sealant provides a more uniform look; providing a new and refreshed quality to the tile.

Clear Sealant

This type of sealant is typically used when the existing grout is still in good condition, but want an additional layer of protection. Clear sealant maintains the look and integrity of the original grout and serves a barrier between dirt and grime.

Need Your Tile & Grout Cleaned?
Call Steam Squad

Could it be time to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned? Do your floors look like they need revitalization? Are the
colors looking old and dull?

Servicing the Nassau and Suffolk counties, Steam Squad holds the experience and expertise to refresh and renew your tile and
grout lines. Using innovative techniques and staying abreast of industry trends allows us to properly restore your tile and grout to its original condition.

Our staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have about professionally cleaning your carpets.


If you would like a free estimate or speak with someone further about
your interior carpets, please give us a call at (516) 567-8966!


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